Monday, February 17, 2020

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  1. Hi Z!I saw the title of your storybook and it immediately caught my attention! The concept of stories becoming reality is a creative idea. I think it would be cool to see of the mystical characters, monsters, or events that we've read in this class so far in the real world. I'm excited to see how you interpret some of the stories and make them yours. I liked that you set the story on campus because I could picture exactly where the characters were. It was also really funny and clever. I also liked that you highlighted how quickly misinformation can spread around campus. It reminded me of the clown panic in Fall 2016 and how everyone was freaking about it. Good job and can't wait to read more!

  2. Z, your portfolio platform is so unique! I have been learning how to navigate WordPress to use as my platform for both my blog and portfolio site, so I love seeing other people try out different things too since we see a lot of Google Sites and the same themes pretty often. I've read both of your stories so far but I'll save my comments for "Truth or Dare" for next week! And that's a bet to myself to remember to come back and visit your site :-)

    "The Citizens of Campus" - I also read this folktale ("The Foolish, Timid Rabbit") in one of the first weeks of the course, so I immediately knew which story you were referencing to after the first student began following the main character down South Oval. I think it's quite humorous because it's funny to picture a huge mob of people at OU making a run for who knows where during a thunderstorm. To be honest, I'm not sure what I would do myself in a situation like that - join them, laugh, freak out, or frantically check social media to see if everyone's Snapchat and Instagram stories are seeing what I'm seeing. The only thing I would revise is to mention the weather and thunderstorm at the beginning of the story so that the reader can get an idea of what the student actually/maybe heard and not be too confused when we figure out that it was just thunder (unless that was your own twist from the original story and wanted to surprise us all).

  3. Z! Again we see each other. One thing that I have to agree with Christine here is that your website layout is surely unique from the rest of the class' that I've seen so far. You've always been the one that I think would use But surely, the design and layout of the website itself is surely something that is interesting for the readers! Right from the moment that you said "nuclear attack" did I know which of the Jakatas you were referencing, and you did a perfect rendition from the old moralistic tale in a contemporary setting. Something that I do wonder is that, how did the main character feel after realizing his mistake after the fact that he realized that he was foolish? Did he feel embarrassed? Surely I think that if you added an epilogue section to the story that it would elevate to final outcome and allow satisfaction for the reader, which I think can be said about the original Jakata itself. If I was in Dale Hall and this happened, I would blatantly use is as an excuse to get out of that building as soon as I can, if I'm being honest with you! Otherwise, keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Z!!
    I love your website page! It looks very professional, but the pictures for each page seem to be cut off a lot. If there was any way, I think it would look really good if you could see more of the picture. Other than that, the aesthetic is really cute! I love your first story. I had read the version on your blog before you really vamped it up into this story. I feel like misinformation is so big nowadays, especially with the coronavirus. This is what I imagined what would happen if school was in session and the virus was like the plague. For your second story, you wrote it like a real author. Growing up, I read a bunch of romance books like this, adn this was how it started off. You have a natural knack for writing! This story is so relatable. I thought it was gonna end with a kiss, but it ended up with a cliffhanger! Oh wow!
    I can't wait to read more!

  5. Hey Z!
    I really like what I have seen so far from your portfolio. You instantly caught my attention with your banner image, and I was excited the stories that you had written. You definitely have an interesting perspective going on in this portfolio. What I mean by that is that it is unique that the stories that we have read are becoming reality. I think that is kind on par with scary stories to tell in the dark. I feel like the stories you chose would be great to adapt into films so we could see how it would look if they really happened. Having your story end in a cliff hanger is a great way to bring your audience back because they definitely will be wanting more. The layout of your website is also the most interesting I have seen so far. I cannot wait to read more of your stories!

  6. Hi Z,
    I really enjoyed the first story in your portfolio! I found the original story of the foolish and timid rabbit to be very amusing and I actually read it as part of the Jataka tales reading. Your first story was also a fun read because of the whole idea of someone running around telling everyone else that there is a nuclear attack! The student's justification of his claim being that he saw it on twitter is also very amusing! These days people believe anything that is popular on social media. Your translation of the original story into a more modern setting is done very well and I think you chose the perfect story to explore the topic of misinformation in today's society. Relating ancient stories to modern problems is always interesting to think about. Maybe right now we just need a lion to show us the truth! I really like the idea of your portfolio and I am excited to see the rest of your stories.


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